Saturday, November 29, 2008

" to be honest "

dear my bestfriend

tout d'abord :
it puts a lot of courage for me to be honest with u
before this day, i put a lot of effort to keep silent
i know maybe this is not i'm meant to be
i try to be the best friend i could be for my friends

mais :
but all of sudden, i feel hurt in the end
i apologize for this un-grow up things i did
but this is what i felt inside
i know it's not fair for u and even more for me
i'm just tryin to be honest here
maybe we should forgive each other and start over
for better,for worst

enfin :
i know i'm not perfect enough to be the best friends,the best person or even the best enemy for all of you. but now i feel hurt inside
forgive me for everthing that i have ever said n done
once more i have my own limits and maybe this is my limit to keep silent.

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